{ "com_id": "ContentSharing", "latest_version": "7.1","ossn_version_prefix": "7.1", "works_on_latest_version": "yes" }

I. Release Notes

Current Version: 7.1
Requirements: Ossn >= 7.1
GDPR affected: Yes. The possibility of disclosing member activities outside of your community should be mentioned in the privacy policy.
License: GNU General Public License v2
Credits: https://html2canvas.hertzen.com/ - for creating screenshot preview images


II. Purpose and Usage

This component allows to share public content of your site - like posts, blogs, polls or images - with someone else or other communities.

It will add a Share Link entry below the content supposed to be shared, and when clicking this entry a link of a shareable page is copied to your clipboard and may be pasted anywhere.

Figure 1

The shareable page will look like:

Figure 2

A click on the green button at the bottom will redirect the visitor to the frontpage of your community, allowing her/him to become a member and participate. The first login will redirect the new member directly to the original content.

III. Changes

V 7.1

  • fixed freezing bug while trying to create previews of embedded iframes other than youtube as reported by Arsalan. preview generating of iframes other than youtube is still unsupported
  • added Hungarian language file

V 6.2

  • added compatibility fix for ossn.lib.languages as of Ossn 6.5

V 6.1

  • html2canvas library updated to 1.3.2 - using minified version now
  • prevent loading of html2canvas on frontpage and admin backend
  • Ossn 6.x support
  • verified PHP 8 compatibility

Outdated Ossn 5.x releases

V 2.8

  • Added korean langauge

V 2.7

  • unset fixed height of "Done" messagebox on small devices

V 2.6

  • give redirecting priority to Login Redirect and / or First Login if these components are installed in parallel
  • slightly changed modal 'Done' popup code

V 2.5

  • made external content (videos, links, etc.) accessible on shared pages
  • added 'Join' button at the bottom of shared pages
  • added redirection to site's inner original content after first login (this may fail if FirstLogin component is installed (to be investigated later...)
  • reduced height of 'Done' modal popup

V 2.4

  • changed preview image creation from rest7.com to browser based solution (see details and LICENSE info on https://html2canvas.hertzen.com/documentation)
  • added preview image generating of youtube videos embedded in posts and blogs
  • added preview image generating of external images embedded in posts by LinkPreview component

V 2.3

  • fixed unavailable share links in clipboard buffer if rest7.com html2png conversions fails due to timeouts
  • stopped passing pure image content (=shared photos, profile covers, profile photos) to rest7.com

V 2.2

  • added placeholder image in case preview image generating fails

V 2.1

  • fixed cache issue (no Configure->Content Sharing page) on first time installation

V 2.0

  • first approach on creating usable preview images meeting the requirements of Facebook
  • usage of identical looking "Share Link" throughout Ossn below blogs, posts, polls and images

V 1.2

  • fixed bug that stopped the Share function of the Premium Share Post component from working
  • renamed 'Share Post' menu entry to 'Share Link' + moved that entry below the post as suggested by Phil

V 1.1

  • added support for sharing blog pages (requires Blog 2.19 minimum)

V 1.0

  • inital release