{ "com_id": "TranslationCheck", "latest_version": "7.1","ossn_version_prefix": "7.1", "works_on_latest_version": "yes" }

I. Release Notes

Current Version: 7.1
Requirements: Ossn >= 7.1
GDPR affected: No
License: GNU General Public License v2

II. Purpose and Usage

a tool for Ossn translators

As of writing this Readme we again would like to send a big THANKS to all engaged translators who helped to spread Ossn and make it useable with ease all over the world.

Translating almost 1000 lines is not an easy job, but it can be even more cumbersome to keep your translation up-to-date and in line with the master file. Be sure: This component will help you out!

With your translation already up and running at your site, upload and
enable Translation Check. Then navigate to


with 'xx' = language to be checked (it, es, nl ... whatever your identifier is)

The more complete your translation, the less lines will be displayed.
Still untranslated strings will appear with the path to the component like:

Path: /XX/YY/ZZ/YOUR_OSSN_INSTALLATION/components/OssnPoke/locale/ossn.en.php

and one or more records with a line number referring to the english master file ossn.en.php:

[13] => 'user:poked' => 'You have poked %s!',

Thus, simply open your own language file, enter the missing translation at the same position - and you are done. Then, reload the Translation Check page and verify that the formerly missing translation is no longer displayed.

For your convenience you may list all strings in use by just entering


Have fun!

Figure 1 (verifying completeness of Spanish translation)

III. Changes

V 7.1

  • added Hungarian language file
  • changed function and directory names to avoid conflciting with other components

V 6.2

  • fixed: translations page overlapping friends column on the right

V 6.1

  • Ossn 6.x support
  • verified PHP 8 compatibility

Outdated Ossn 5.x releases

V 1.4

  • added Indonesian language file
  • license update

V 1.3

  • false findings of theme locales fixed (workaround for core bug added)
  • added warning to turn off cache when running Translation Check

V 1.2

  • include theme locale files in translation lookup
  • escape HTML tags in language files

V 1.1

  • added navigation links to installed languages on 'translations' page
  • restrict usage of 'translations' page to admins only

V 1.0

  • initial release