{ "com_id": "DisplayUsername", "latest_version": "7.3","ossn_version_prefix": "7.1", "works_on_latest_version": "yes" }

I. Release Notes

Current Version: 7.3
Requirements: Ossn >= 7.1
GDPR affected: No
License: GNU General Public License v2


II. Purpose and Usage

This component displays the member's username (nick) instead of firstname/lastname throughout your community.
The admin backend is left untouched.

Starting with V 6.2 the order of the member list is reversed (= newest members first). The idea behind is getting an acceptable replacement for the 'Latest Members' widget on mobile devices.


III. Changes

V 7.3

  • fixed PHP warning when trying to tag a member in a post, but no matching friend is found (getting 'No results' message)

V 7.2

  • added support for the Awesome and White theme (included in Ossn Premium)

V 7.1

  • removed Anonymous Registration component dependency
  • added Hungarian language file
  • verfied PHP 8.2 compatibility

Outdated Ossn 6.x releases

V 6.2

  • hide blocked members on member list
  • display new members on top of member list by default
  • added configurable sort order to admin backend

V 6.1

  • Ossn 6.x support
  • verified PHP 8 compatibility

Outdated Ossn 5.x releases

V 1.6

  • Added Korean file

V 1.5

  • adapted requirements to Ossn 5.4

V 1.4

  • display required disabled components in admin backend
  • added Chinese language file

V 1.3

  • component compatibility check added
  • Indonesion language file added

V 1.2

  • make friendspicker display and search for usernames, too

V 1.1

  • function names cleanup
  • license update

V 1.0
initial release