{ "com_id": "RegistrationByInvitationOnly", "latest_version": "7.1","ossn_version_prefix": "7.1", "works_on_latest_version": "yes" }

I. Release Notes

Current Version: 7.1
Requirements: Ossn >= 7.1
GDPR affected: No
License: GNU General Public License v2
Credits: jquery MD5-plugin by https://github.com/placemarker/jQuery-MD5 (MIT licensed)


II. Purpose and Usage

This component removes the standard registration form off the frontpage of your site.

Only invited people will be able to signup via a special link they will receive in their invitation email.

The invitation must be sent by Ossn's Invite Friends function.


III. Changes

V 7.1

  • added Hungarian language file

V 6.2

  • fixed compatibility issue with GDPR component installed in parallel that blocked finishing the registration process (as reported by Tom)

V 6.1

  • initial release